Vyšší Brod
Cisterciácký klášter Vyšší Brod, 382 73 Vyšší Brod
Tel. +420 380 746 674

   The monastery in Vyšší Brod has been a spiritual and cultural center of southern Bohemia for more than 750 years. It was established in 1259 by the family of Vok from Rožmberk and the first 12 monks with their abbot came here from the Cistercian monastery in Wilhering by Linz. Life in the monastery in Vyšší Brod remained intact for seven centuries. The monks were expelled for the first time by the Nazis in 1941, later the monastery was closed down by the communists in 1950. Today there is a community of monks living here again which is trying to restore the monastic rule and the neglected monastery.

   The visitors of the monastery can take part on the mass, they can inspect the Gothic temple, the Cross corridor and chapter hall, the Baroque library and a number of artistic works in the collections of the monastery. The library of the monastery is the third largest library in the Czech countries. Everybody will certainly be deeply impressed by the desk painting of the Madonna of Vyšehrad; listening to the sound of the unique organ of the monastery is an unforgettable experience.