Lovecký zámek Ohrada, 373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou
Tel. +420 387 965 340

   The Ohrada Hunting Lodge is situated beside the Munický Pond, approximately two kilometers from Hluboká towards České Budějovice. The mansion, built according to the plans of the Prague builder Pavel Ignác Bayer, was commissioned by Adam František Schwarzenberg as a place where he received his guests and hosted splendid hunts. The mansion was started in 1708 and was completed in 1722.

   The Grand Hall, particularly, is the pride of the hunting lodge. The existing expositions feature transport, wood extraction, forest cultivation and forestry instruction in the forestry section, feathered ad furry animals, their hunting and breeding, stuffed animals, unique collections of trophies and hunting arms in the hunting sections, and, in the fishing section, the history of pond and river pisciculture. You can also visit the zoo.