Zámek Blatná, Na příkopech 320, 388 01 Blatná
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   Blatná Castle was probably built sometimes during the first half of the 13th century. At the end of the 14th century the Lords of Rožmitál bought it from the Bavors of Strakonice, and through extensive landscaping changed it into a moated castle. Between 1520 and 1530 the royal architect Benedikt Ried of Piesting built a tall palace with two three-sided, tiered oriels. The size and the shape of the windows of this slender structure suggest the architect's proclivity towards the Renaissance style. The palaces, built later by the Lords of Rozdražov, the Serénys and the Hildprandts, changed the castle into a stately home. In the 1850s Blatná was completed by B. Grueber.
   Visitors can view the Oriental, Hunting, Rococo, and Empire salons. Other rooms are accessible to the public, including a gallery and a dining room, which are largely furnished with carved 19th century furniture.